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Baton Rouge Parents Magazine - Fall 2014

Baton Rouge Parent features the The Diaper Clutch!



Belly Ballot - June 2014

Belly Ballot, your number 1 source for making naming your baby more fun. Belly Ballot features weekly prizes for members and they chose to feature the The Diaper Clutch!



Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine - October 2010

The Wipe Clutch featured as a must have for your strollers!

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine - May 2010

The Diaper Clutch featured as a Mommy Must-Have in May Cravings

The Pursuit of Mommyness - December 2009

Included in the "10 Unique Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women (read this list before you shop!)" "These are seriously cute!"

Shop With Me Mama

Babyluxe {daily} - September 2009

"I have had at least one child in diapers for almost the last five years. Over those last five years I have evolved from carrying everything I owned for my oldest son to today when I have narrowed everything I need to the bare essentials. Through my “mommy evolution” I have been able to give up the mongo size diaper bag and now just use a large purse which of course includes The Diaper Clutch!"


Googababy - August 2009

"After using The Diaper Clutch for a few weeks, I’ve kicked out my other diaper and wipes pouch into the back-up diaper bag and The Diaper Clutch has gained a permanent home in my everyday diaper bag. I hadn’t realized how handy a built-in wipes case is. It makes changing diapers such a breeze, especially when you need to have one hand on the baby. I don’t have to fuss with pulling out a wipes case from the pouch and putting it back in. I just open the flap, pull out a diaper, open the wipes lid, and then close the lid and pull over the flap when done."

Shop With Me Mama

Complicated Mama - July 2009

"What I did come across, and thought was genius.....
is a product called "The Diaper Clutch". It is exactly what it sounds like- a clutch that carries diapers - AND wipes! I've found it can carry up to 4 diapers comfortably and the wipes portion is compatible with most soft pack wipes with a hard cover (ie-Pampers, Huggies, Kirklands). I have had mine for 2 wks now and I cannot tell you how "clutch" this clutch truly is. Besides being super cute and stylish looking (offered in over 20 patterns, including a custom option!) It is so convenient! I have no idea how I lived without it, no joke."

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine - July 2009

The Diaper Clutch seen in the July issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

Shop With Me Mama

Shop with Me Mama - April 2009

"When I received the Diaper Clutch in the mail to review, I was eager to use it. It is amazing really...I was able to fill it up with 5 diapers!! It is so convinient! No more searching through huge messy diaper bags to get to the diapers and wipes. All you do is put that nice little Diaper Clutch in your bag (it is sooo cute, you don't need a diaper bag, just carry it alone!) and off you go!"

Simple Reviews

Simple Reviews - April 2009

"I think this is the best idea ever. I use it all the time to just stick in my purse and go. No need to worry about the diaper bag. I will be honest, I actually didn't really know what this was until I got it. I thought it was just a clutch that held wipes, or diapers....NOT both. It is the most clever idea. Wish I would have had one sooner then now. But I still need it...so it is nice to have."

Life Starring Ellie and Eve

Life Starring Ellie and Eve - March 2009

"I really like the way this is designed, it is the perfect way to keep your diapers AND wipes easy at hand and not squished and crunched up. I received the Wallflower print which I really like, but there are tons of other patterns that you can choose from."

Studio 5 on KSL 5

Studio 5 - on KSL 5 - March 2009

"I love The Diaper Clutch! I have been on the search for a diaper clutch for a while, something to hold my diapers and wipes in an organized fashion. There are so many benefits!"

Mother 2 Mother

Mother -2- Mother - January 2009

"Oh, so cute. We found this adorable diaper clutch and wanted to share this fabulous find with our readers. We understand how difficult it is to stay organized with a baby or toddler..."

The Mom Buzz

The Mom Buzz - January 2009

"I love The Diaper Clutch! I have been on the search for a diaper clutch for a while, something to hold my diapers and wipes in an organized fashion. There are so many benefits!"

Mom Loves Today

Mom Loves Today - November 2008

"We've all seen the diapers and wipes clutches, but I was pleasantly surprised to find one that was different, practical, and really, really cute! The Diaper Clutch is different from the others because it gives you access to your wet wipes without needing to remove a portable travel case. Instead you can just open your clutch, grab a diaper, and pop open the wipes section which holds a standard huggies wet-wipes pack!"

Family Review Center

Family Review Center - June 2008

"There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a dirty diaper and realizing you did not yet grab the wet wipes and diaper from the diaper bag ... then you go to get them and they are way at the bottom and scattered around, making the process frustrating. The Diaper Clutch eliminates this problem and keeps the essentials safe, sanitary and handy, to be grabbed quickly and easily whenever you need to get to them."

Go City Kids

Go City Kids - May 2008

"It's handwashable, totally handy, and it keeps diapers and wipes in pristine condition. We're keeping this clutch close."

Chesapeake Ribbons

Chesapeake Ribbons - April 28, 2008

"The reason I like the diaper clutch is simply for the fact that they have designed a compartment to hold the wipes."

An Island Life

An Island Life - March 2008

The Diaper Clutch sponsored a giveaway on the An Island Life Blog

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine - March 2008

The Diaper Clutch featured as a Mommy Must-Have in March Cravings

Pinks and Blues

Pinks & Blues - February 27, 2008

"And with a built-in, air-tight, easy-to-access wet wipe window, you can also thank The Diaper Clutch for no more shriveled, dried-out wet wipes (we call those "dry" wipes - and we don't like 'em)."

Nick's Parents Connect

Nick's Parent Connect - February 17, 2008

"The Diaper Clutch is a clever little bag that stores several diapers and a case of wipes with easy pull-up access for those one-handed changes."

Mom's Favorite Stuff - February 17, 2008

"When my toddler has a dirty diaper, neither my husband or I want to haul all of our stuff to the nearest rest room. That’s where our Diaper Clutch comes in. The Diaper Clutch is a small case that holds a wipes package and a few diapers."

Mommies With Style

Mommies With Style - January 28, 2008

"I love it because its compact all-in-one design ..."

Boutique Mom

Boutique Mom - December 19, 2007

"The Diaper Clutch is a must have for moms on the go."

Tot Trends Weekly Winter Shopping Guide

Tot Trends Weekly Winter Shopping Guide - December 2007

The Diaper Clutch featured in the Tot Trends Weekly Winter Shopping Guide

Simplicity in the Suburbs

Simplicity in the Suburbs - November 12, 2007

"Holds wipes, diapers and even room for a little snack. Love it Now this, ladies (and gentlemen, I suppose if we're being totally fair here) is a novel idea.."

The Classy Mommy Cyber Baby Shower

The Classy Mommy Cyber Baby Shower - November 2007

The Diaper Clutch was a sponsor to the Classy Mommy Cyber Baby Shower hosted by Pamela Kramer, owner and creator of Happy Panda

The Tot Snob

The Tot Snob - August 2007

"This diaper clutch is the answer. There are lots of diaper clutches out there but I find that this one suits all my needs."

Washington Parent

Washington Parent - June 2007

"I have come across the cutest diaper bag accessory ever created — the diaper clutch."


Mom 4 Life - April 4, 2007

"I have seen a fair share of diapering accessories and I can truly say The Diaper Clutch is one of the best I have found for keeping everything you need close at hand and easily accessible."

Style Bakery - Designers on the Rise

Style Bakery - Designers on the Rise - Spring/Summer 2007

The Spring list is in! StyleBakery.com ranks the hottest emerging designers and the hippest independent boutiques to bring you the best handbags, jewelry, apparel and more.

She Finds Mom

She Finds Mom - March 20, 2007

"The deceivingly roomy Diaper Clutch is just 10x7 inches, but allows you to efficiently tote all your diaper-changing essentials. Open the flap to access wipes easily..."

The Opinionated Parent

The Opinionated Parent - March 15, 2007

"Open it up and you’ll find an ingenious window to access the wipes and a pocket to hold a few diapers, a change pad and a little bottle of hand sanitizer."

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine - March 2007

The Diaper Clutch featured as an "Editors Pick"

The Stylish Child

The Stylish Child - February 11, 2007

"The Diaper Clutch has found a way to simplify the gear involoved in changes on the go. Their stylish pouches give you a convenient place to keep your diapers and wipes in a easy to tote carrying case."

Boutique Cafe

Boutique Cafe - February 8, 2007

"...this clutch is smartly designed for some great functional use. I was impressed and surprised by the access window for wipes."

Mommies With Style

Mommies With Style - January 28, 2007

"It’s so convenient because it holds a few diapers and your disposable wipes case within a pouch with an opening to access your wipes. "

MiniMe BabyGear

MiniMe Baby Gear Blogspot - January 18, 2007

"I love it when I find an item that is practical and stylish."

Swanky Moms

Swanky Moms Blogspot - December 29, 2006

"This convenient yet fashionable product allows you to keep diapers and wipes organized and easily accessible in your diaper bag. What's great about the Diaper Clutch is it's built in wipes feature."

Tot Trends Weekly

Tot Trends Weekly - December 11, 2006

"a great idea with adorable style and a fabulous price, The Diaper Clutch is a must-have."


Press Release

December 4, 2006

Introducing The Diaper Clutch - Taking Convenience One Step Further With a Built-in Wipes Pouch

The Diaper Clutch Carrying Carrying Case Offers Parents a Convenient Yet Fashionable New Way to Carry Diapers and Wipes...