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6 Ways to Protect Your Baby From the Sun

    Just because it isn’t hot does not mean your baby cannot be burned by the sun. It’s not the heat that burns skin, but the ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays can damage a person’s skin at any time of the day or year, even in the winter. Babies have vulnerable skin that can quickly suffer [...]

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Tips for Swaddling Baby The Simple Way

Baby swaddling is a practice that has been around for years and traditionally it has been used to help babies sleep longer and sounder. Learning to correctly swaddle baby is key to ensuring safety and effectiveness. There are multiple benefits of swaddling baby but it’s crucial that baby is being swaddled safely and correctly to [...]

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Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts For Every Mom

The Spring months are approaching which means pretty soon the sun will be shining and flowers will be blooming. When I think of Spring I think of Baby Showers! Need some gift ideas? Here is our list of top 10 must-have items every new mom should receive at her Baby Shower! The Diaper Clutch - [...]

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